Florida State Junior Championships 2014

Report: The Florida State Junior Championship started in 1957 with Ken Lippincott winning it at Coconut Grove Sailing Club.  He won again at Eau Gallie in 1958.  Among the Early winners we can see:

1959 Charles Morris,1960 Bruce Cochran, 1961 Dan Brown, 1964 Fred Bremen, Jr.,  1965 Tom Bremen, 1967 David Albury, 1968 Augie Diaz. to mention some. This Championship was moved around Florida, but right after 1968 the Miami Yacht Club took over holding this regatta and a year later Coconut Grove Sailing Club took over and from then on to today our Club together with the Miami Snipe Fleet have been sponsoring the Florida State Snipe Junior Championship.

Jensen McTighe with crew Dae Kelly won the Championship this year.  Jensen and Dae sailed the first 4 races on Saturday without a pole (broke the pole before the first race)  I wished we had filmed some of the downwind finishes with Jensen without a pole trying to hold second place from passing him and he was very successful!! (see the results). On Saturday the RC set windward leeward courses with winds 10 mph clocking from approximately 125 degrees and on.  Similar conditions on Sunday but with a little more wind.  The Race Committee was able to complete the scheduled 6 races with one throw out.

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Race Committee did a wonderful job with Susan Walcutt as the PRO and first class help from Jaime Ramon, Andi Hoffman, Veronic Aghayan, Denise Schneider, Carol Temple, Jim Waldron, Sandrine Quenne, Paul Sarvich, Jose Torres, Larry Whipple, Bill Godfrey and special thanks to Clint and Terry Boram that commanded and donated the use of their boat “Sea Jewel” as the Signal Boat for this Regatta. Also special thanks to Pere Puig for helping in preparing and fixing some of the Junior boats.

After the races, the juniors and the Race Committee enjoyed a hamburger cookout followed by Susan Walcutt presenting the trophies to the first 3 winners.



Pos Sail # Skipper Crew Races Points
1 30027 Jensen McTighe Dae Kelly 1-2(4)-1-1-2 8
2 30288 Paul Lobree G. Diaz & Ken Voss 3-(4)-2-4-2-1 12
3 29511 Taylor Scheuermann Christine de Silva (4)-2-1-2-3-4 12
4 30089 Chase Sabadash Sharon Johnson 2-1-5-3-8/dns-8/dns 19
5 30364 Shane Riera Pere Puig (8/ocs)-5-3-5-4-3 20
6 29602 Grace Howie Katie Delisser 5-(7)-7-6-5-5 28
7 28810 Jerry Balepogi Ken Voss 6-6—6-7 (8/dns)-8/dns 33

Trophy Presentation


photo 3 photo 2photo 1

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