Former LYC Junior Sailor and past Opti Champion, Edgar Diminich, won the 2012 (LV Annual) Florida State Snipe Junior Championship.  Competition was tight with LYC junior sailor Jensen McTighe being very consistent sailor, but with a drop race losing by two points in the six race series.   Charlie Bess and Kristen Walker improved their performance by winning the last two most difficult Sunday races. Charlie Bess and Kristen Walker will represent the MIAMI SNIPE FLEET # 7 in Malaga, Spain for the Snipe Class Women’s World Championship. We wish them good luck!

This Championship sponsored by the COCONUT GROVE SAILING CLUB and the MIAMI SNIPE FLEET # 7 was scheduled  for September 8 and 9.  It is always held after the Labor Day weekend.    The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Race Committee did a wonderful job running 6 races in perfect Biscayne Bay weather.  4 races on Saturday with SE winds 10-15 and 2 races on Sunday with SW winds 8-12

Needless to say we all appreciate very much this group of volunteers and fine sailors that give their time to run this Regatta, the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Race Committee, with  PRO, Timer, & Scorer: Jaime Ramon. Line Sighter: Richard Klein. Scribe: Liz Balbin. Flags Primary: Veronic Vaghayan. Flags Secondary: Jon Kandara (Sat). Flags Secondary: Bales Balbin (Sun). Mark Boat: Susan Wallcutt, Dorian Goldberg, Michelle Wood (Sat), & Julia Shestopalov (Sun). Pin Boat: Larry Whipple (also photographer), Jim Waldron (Sat), & Ian DeMello (Sun).  Judges on Stand-By: Richard Mallison & Jane Anne Pincus.

CGSC Commodore Doug Hanks presented trophies to the first 3 places. We also like to thank all the boat owners that lend their boats to the juniors (some of them also crewed for the juniors). 

Gonzalo Diaz, Sr., Regatta Chairman

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