To Lift a Star

Video submitted by Gonzalo: To Lift a Star

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Don Q 51

2016 (51st Annual) Don Q Rum Keg Snipe Regatta celebrated March 22 to 26. Video by Kathleen Toke: Don Q 2016

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Miami Snipe Fleet at Nationals

The Miami Snipe Fleet was well represented at the Nationals in 2015 and the results were excellent. Raul Rios and Kara Voss came in first place. Second place was Jensen Mc Tighe from Ft. Lauderdale and crew Nikki Bruno. Third place went to Augie Diaz and Kathleen Tocke. Ninth place went to Enrique Quintero and Vera Mariani. 24th place went to Andre Guaragna from Miami and crew Johnny Fewell from Jacksonville. Gonzalo (Old Man) Diaz and Patti Bess came in 36th place.

To read the entire story and see the photos click HERE.

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Some people really want to get to the Nationals!

Gonzalo (old man) Diaz and his saintly wife Carmita hitched up three snipes to his 14 year old van to make the trip from Miami to San Diego for the nationals. Other than a flat tire “it cost me $27.00 to fix!” the trip was uneventful.  All this at the nice young age of 80 something.

Gonzalo and Carmita

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DON Q 2015


  From left to right:  The Old Man, The winner crew Andre Guaragna, the winner skipper Raul Rios and the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Commodore Paul van Puffelen

photo (1)




DonQ2015Race5_6 DonQ2015Race5_7 DonQ2015Race5_5 DonQ2015Race5_3 DonQ2015Race5_2 DonQ2015Race5_1


Rios/Guaragna Win 49th Snipe Don Q

By Nikki Bruno

Snipe sailors representing eleven countries converged upon Biscayne Bay for the 2015 Don Q Rum regatta, hosted by Coconut Grove Sailing Club. Thirty-eight teams comprised of champions, veterans, and novices completed five races over three days of classic Miami sunshine, warm water, and cool breezes.

On Friday the sea breeze didn’t start to fill in until noon, so there was plenty of time for more bagels and coffee. Winds varied between 7-10 knots, mostly from the southeast. Finishing first in the first race was Luis Soubie and Diego Lipszyc of Argentina, followed by Raul Rios of Puerto Rico and local Andre Guaragna, and third saw locals Augie Diaz and Kathleen Tocke. Raul and Andre took over first place the next race, with Augie and Kathleen still right behind. Louis and Diego slipped back to eighth while locals Peter Commette and Jensen McTighe picked up the third.

Saturday began much the same way, and the sea breeze picked up to 7 knots around 1pm, quickly building up to a steady 11 for the rest of the afternoon while it clocked right from the southeast. Locals Nick Voss and Nicole Popp finished first in race three, while Augie and Kathleen mixed it up, finishing in second just ahead of Raul and Andre who took third. Determined to keep their lead, the fourth race was led much of the way by Raul and Andre who put a sizable gap between their boat and second place, locals Ernesto Rodriguez and Eduardo Mintzias, who were followed closely by Augie and Kathleen in third.

After racing the second day, sailors were greeted at the dock with Don Q daiquiris that, after a brief supply shortage scare, continued to flow freely throughout the delicious Cuban dinner buffet at the club.

The breeze kicked in Sunday morning around 10:30, which worked out perfectly with the usual earlier start time. One race was completed in a steady 9 knot breeze that shifted left from the southwest. Raul and Augie, who had been duking it out the first four races, slipped back to ninth and tenth respectively this race, while Louis and Diego reclaimed the first spot. Closely behind were north-easterners Andrew Pimental and Nikki Bruno. Nick and Nicole came back as well for a final finish in third.

Awards were given to the top ten placing teams, representing Puerto Rico, USA, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador. Raul and Andre took the overall win and perpetual trophy with a total of 16 points. Augie and Kathleen won second overall with 20 points and in third were Louis and Diego with 30 points.

The Snipe class would like to thank our hosts, Coconut Grove Sailing Club, the race committee who kept us in line, and all those who helped feed us and run the show.  Thanks to Cathy & Marc Buller for providing their Otra Cuba Libre as Signal Boat.  Signal Boat crew included PRO Ron Rostorfer (PC), Snipe Class Representative Brainard Cooper, Timer Dottie Rostorfer, Flag and Sound Signalers Veronic Aghayan, Steve Schwartz and Paco Calvet, and recorders Connie Bradley, Suzanne Roberts and Saralee Lamb.

The weather mark team was Race Officer and RC Chair Susan Walcutt, Skipper Gary Ellis, with crew Ryan Alexander and Philippe Dusser.  Handling the Gate were Race Officer George Bradley, Skippers Julie Hanrahan and Ev Hoffman, with Andi Hoffman and Jim Waldron crewing.  The Pin Boat Race Officer was Race Manager Blake Middleton, with Skippers Dennis Jansma and Rick Klein, and crews Freddie Sambolin and Deb Jansma.

Special thanks to Protest Committee Jere Woltz, Joan Lawrence and Jaime Ramon.



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Laser and Snipe Event October 26, 2014

Snipe n Laser people 102614 LASER FLEET SUNDAY RESULTS 102614_1

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Florida State Junior Championships 2014

Report: The Florida State Junior Championship started in 1957 with Ken Lippincott winning it at Coconut Grove Sailing Club.  He won again at Eau Gallie in 1958.  Among the Early winners we can see:

1959 Charles Morris,1960 Bruce Cochran, 1961 Dan Brown, 1964 Fred Bremen, Jr.,  1965 Tom Bremen, 1967 David Albury, 1968 Augie Diaz. to mention some. This Championship was moved around Florida, but right after 1968 the Miami Yacht Club took over holding this regatta and a year later Coconut Grove Sailing Club took over and from then on to today our Club together with the Miami Snipe Fleet have been sponsoring the Florida State Snipe Junior Championship.

Jensen McTighe with crew Dae Kelly won the Championship this year.  Jensen and Dae sailed the first 4 races on Saturday without a pole (broke the pole before the first race)  I wished we had filmed some of the downwind finishes with Jensen without a pole trying to hold second place from passing him and he was very successful!! (see the results). On Saturday the RC set windward leeward courses with winds 10 mph clocking from approximately 125 degrees and on.  Similar conditions on Sunday but with a little more wind.  The Race Committee was able to complete the scheduled 6 races with one throw out.

The Coconut Grove Sailing Club Race Committee did a wonderful job with Susan Walcutt as the PRO and first class help from Jaime Ramon, Andi Hoffman, Veronic Aghayan, Denise Schneider, Carol Temple, Jim Waldron, Sandrine Quenne, Paul Sarvich, Jose Torres, Larry Whipple, Bill Godfrey and special thanks to Clint and Terry Boram that commanded and donated the use of their boat “Sea Jewel” as the Signal Boat for this Regatta. Also special thanks to Pere Puig for helping in preparing and fixing some of the Junior boats.

After the races, the juniors and the Race Committee enjoyed a hamburger cookout followed by Susan Walcutt presenting the trophies to the first 3 winners.



Pos Sail # Skipper Crew Races Points
1 30027 Jensen McTighe Dae Kelly 1-2(4)-1-1-2 8
2 30288 Paul Lobree G. Diaz & Ken Voss 3-(4)-2-4-2-1 12
3 29511 Taylor Scheuermann Christine de Silva (4)-2-1-2-3-4 12
4 30089 Chase Sabadash Sharon Johnson 2-1-5-3-8/dns-8/dns 19
5 30364 Shane Riera Pere Puig (8/ocs)-5-3-5-4-3 20
6 29602 Grace Howie Katie Delisser 5-(7)-7-6-5-5 28
7 28810 Jerry Balepogi Ken Voss 6-6—6-7 (8/dns)-8/dns 33

Trophy Presentation


photo 3 photo 2photo 1

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Snipes in Cuba


Trophy presentation. From the flags hanging behind them I gather it could be the 1951 Worlds or 52 Western Hemisphere. Looks like Mantilla and Barrazal are receiving trophies.

Snipes in Cuba

Left to right: Mantilla, Carlos Sela (el Cheque) (That is why Fred Schenck named his Snipe # 10101 “Chequendeque”), Clemente (Mente) Inclan (my hero) and Carlitos Inclan, his crew. They are in front of the old wood “boat house”. You can see snipe activity in the back where we used to have the wood snipe stables before they built the new ones.


New Boat House


Miramar Yacht Club Facing Atlantic Ocean


Snipe Storage Facility. About 16 Boats


Jorge Mantilla and Jesus Barrazal approaching the hoist after a race.

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 the winners, Ernesto Rodriguez and Hillary Noble with the Comodoro Rasco Perpetual Trophy

the winners, Ernesto Rodriguez and Hillary Noble with the Comodoro Rasco Perpetual Trophy

Susan Walcutt presenting trophies to the Aicardi Fleet winner, Andre and Roberto Guaragna

Susan Walcutt presenting trophies to the Aicardi Fleet winner, Andre and Roberto Guaragna

Susan Walcutt presenting presenting trophies to second place Peter Commette and Bruno Mello

Susan Walcutt presenting presenting trophies to second place Peter Commette and Bruno Mello

 Susan Walcutt with skipper winner Ernesto Rodriguez and the Comodoro Rasco Perpetual trophy.

Susan Walcutt with skipper winner Ernesto Rodriguez and the Comodoro Rasco Perpetual trophy.

 Group photo (at the flagpole) of some of the participants in the 2013 Comodoro Rasco Snipe Regatta

Group photo (at the flagpole) of some of the participants in the 2013 Comodoro Rasco Snipe Regatta

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19 snipes competed for the 44th Annual Comodoro Rasco Snipe Regatta, hosted by the Coconut Grove Sailing Club and the Miami Snipe Fleet # 7 and sailed February 2-3, 2013.

Ernesto Rodriguez/Hillary Noble tied with Peter Commette/Bruno Mello, but the tie breaker gave Ernesto and Hillary the Championship!  It was a real battle between these two with Kevin and Ashley Reali getting in there, participating in the tough competition and finishing in third place.  The AICARDI TROPHY was awarded this time to the most accomplished skipper, the young  Andre Guaragna with his father crewing for him. The greatest accomplishment is surviving his father, Andre is the coolest guy I have ever seen!! Keep and eye on Andre he will be a top Snipe sailor!

Saturday we sailed three races in typical beautiful Biscayne Bay weather with NE and East winds 10 to 15.  Temperatures around 75 Fahrenheit   On Sunday two races sailed in West and then NW winds around 10 miles turning into very light for the last race.

Saturday evening, after the races, the Fleet and the Race Committee headed for the Lasagna Dinner/Party at Carmen’s.  Nobody was disappointed after such a beautiful sailing day, the traditional Rasco Party, Carmen’s homemade Lasagna, salad, wine, Cuban deserts, sailing videotapes and the Rasco history presentation by the Old Man.  It was a perfect day for the Snipe Sailors and the Race Committee.

Sunday we were back to the Club after the two races at around 2 PM.  Susan Walcutt proceeded to award trophies to the first 3 places (skipper and crew) and to the Aicardi winner.  Right after the award, we all sang the famous “LA BOMBA” to Ernesto Rodriguez, Peter Commette and Bruno Mello.  Peter was the one that really took care of LA BOMBA, and DRANK IT ALL!

Kudos to the Coconut Grove Sailing Club Race Committee headed by Susan Walcutt (PRO) and Club members: Timer: Rick Klein, Recorders:  Zaida Diaz, Suzzane Roberts and Susan Ressler.

Flags: Veronic Aghagan, Bruce Forman, Matt Marious and Laura Walsh.  Line spotter: David Brown and Liz Balbin. Scorer: Jaime Ramon.  Captain of the Sunday Signal Boat: Assad Masoud.

Pin Boat: John Pardillo, Jim Waldron and Esther DiLeo.  Mark boat: Dennis Jansma, Patrick McLister, Paco Calvet, Bonnie Padgett and Richard Horsley.  Thank you very much to this super Race Committee team from the Snipe Sailors.


Gonzalo Diaz, Sr.,  Regatta Chairman

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